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Internet Marketing Campaigns

Without a professional web marketing solution, your business is missing out on a huge opportunity to grow online sales leads exponentially.

Internet marketing is widely regarded as the most effective form of marketing today. Every day, customers are choosing the internet to find the products and services they need without any solicitation. Without an internet marketing solution, it’s likely that your company’s website is being buried by all of the major search engines. This means that your potential customers are finding your competitors’ sites instead of your own. An internet marketing solution from Magnetic SEO will optimize your site for search engines and will produce traffic. Our web campaigns will increase your company’s revenue by giving your business visibility on the internet.

If your business is already taking advantage of the power of internet marketing but lacks the time and expertise to maintain the campaign, Magnetic SEO will manage your internet marketing strategy to ensure your business is receiving the best return on investment possible. In order for your business to maintain an effective and affordable internet marketing campaign, daily management of keyword and Adwords strategies is necessary. Let Magnetic SEO’s staff manage that burden and apply its own proven strategies for internet marketing success to your campaign.  

Magnetic SEO will manage your current campaign, identify new strategies to make your marketing plan more effective and even track your competitors’ online marketing strategies. Use Magnetic SEO’s professional internet marketing campaign management and get the results you’ve been searching for.

Professional Web Design Services

An optimized website provides a dynamic and unique site equipped for search engine optimization with the latest internet technology built in.

A professional and secure website is essential for success in today’s business climate. 
Let Magnetic SEO’s turnkey web solution give your company its best chance of success by combining our professional web design services with our proven internet marketing and search engine optimization techniques. 

Magnetic SEO will give your company not only a quality website, but the traffic and search engine ranking your business needs to achieve success.

Our web design team will build you a website that is customized to your tastes as well as a site that provides up-to-date technology to ensure your new website is on the forefront of internet technology.

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Search Engine Optimization Solutions

Get immediate increases to traffic, visibility on all search engines, traffic from customers looking for your product & more sales leads.

Even with the most sophisticated website, a search engine optimization campaign is critical to finding success on the internet.

The vast majority of your customers are searching for your website through search engines like Google and Bing and instead are finding your competitors equipped with SEO tactics. A 2007 study by eMarketer found that more than 20% of U.S Internet users use a search engine at least 4 to 5 times in a day and that more than 50% of traffic to websites is originated from a search engine. According to the internet measurement firm, Hitwise, search engines were the highest sources of traffic during the peak Christmas shopping season, representing 57% of total traffic. Google alone was responsible for 18% of the total traffic, followed by Yahoo with 6%.

There are no special “tricks” or “secrets” to search engine optimization. Magnetic SEO can harness the power of search engines and put your site ahead of your competitors with a proven, diversified search engine optimization campaign which will place your site at the top of all your customers searches.

Social Media Campaign Management

If you think social media is only a trend for college students, your business is missing out on one of the most powerful sales tools available today.

While smaller companies lack the resources to cultivate a social media presence, Magnetic SEO can develop, manage and track the effectiveness of your social media campaign. Let Magnetic SEO develop your own custom social media marketing campaign which will target your specific customer base.

According to The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research, nearly half of the Fortune 500 have developed social media campaigns. Magnetic SEO will produce followers on all of the internet's top social media sites, cultivate new sales leads, interact with your business’ current customers and track and monitor mentions of your company across social media networks to ensure your customers are receiving a quality customer service experience.

Put the power of social media in your company’s hands and start seeing immediate results.

Newsletter Campaign Management

Newsletter emails can be one of the most potent tools for communicating with your customer base— but only if your customers are opening the email & absorbing the information.

With a professional designed newsletter campaign Magnetic SEO can provide your company detailed statistics on how many of your customers are opening and reading your newsletter. Everyday thousands of electronic newsletters with valuable offers are tagged as spam and moved to junk folders before customers even get a chance to read the message. But our newsletter management campaigns are free from junk email and spam tags so you know your newsletter campaign will arrive in the customer’s inbox.

Internet Public Relations Campaigns

Bring the power and visibility of the Internet to your public relations campaign with consultation from professional journalists, a press release distribution campaign that targets working media & public relations that improve search engine results.

Magnetic SEO will create the content that will bring new publicity to your company and its products and put that message in the hands of the top local and national journalists looking to tell your story. With the volume of information distributed by online press release companies, a press release can often be marked as spam and be lost before ever getting the chance to be viewed by your customers and the media. But Magnetic SEO will fine tune your company’s news releases and distribute them through the appropriate channels so your business will receive the ultimate return on its public relations investment.

Web Application Development

Custom web applications developed by our staff of professional web developers will meet your company's needs for specialized web applications.

Magnetic SEO can provide interface design, graphic design, work flow, system configuration, load balancing, technical writing, interactive technical support and more.

Our expertise includes but is not limited to:


Web Technology Web Programming Databases Web Servers
• AJAX, Web 2.0
• Application Databases
• Javascript API's
• Java, Servlets
• Hibernate, Spring
• Microsoft SQL Server
• MySQL, PostgreSQL
• Oracle
• Linux, Apache, Tomcat
• Microsoft Internet
Information Server (IIS)
• Load Testing,
Security Services