What Web designers, marketers can learn from Apple
Written by Trey   
Wednesday, 14 July 2010 20:21

No this post isn't a badly worded copy. I am fully aware than there are millions of blog posts out there screaming Apple's praises and suggesting you learn from their success.

But I wanted to post my own opinion on what I think Apple's philosophy is and how we use similar ideas here at Magnetic because I think it's important for current business climate.

I believe Apple success (especially it's recent success) is tied to its amazing focus on the smallest details. But it's not just detail-orientated product development that inspires me, it's the practice of selecting a handful of features and details that they know they can do better than anyone else and excluding everything else.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to do this. 37singals.com's new book (we love Bascamp by the way) REWORK also suggests following this same type of ideal.

This kind of thinking works beautifully for a Web design firm. Most firms claim they can do everything knowing that a freelance developer (most likely Indian) is only an email away.

Often times we are asked to implement heavy Web development projects into our existing design, but our response is, 'We work with some hand picked developers who are awesome, but we don't do that in house."

It seems stupid. Why not just quote them a marked up price and take some profit on someone else's work? Because it's not our work or our focus.

We design beautiful Web sites and incredibly in-depth Internet marketing campaigns. If we spent one second less on anything else, we wouldn't be the company we are today.

iPhone4 pre-orders are failing
Written by Anthoney   
Tuesday, 15 June 2010 18:51

Today is the pre-order date for Apple's new iPhone4 — which yes, I am very excited about getting. But I can't seem to pre-order it because both AT&T and Apple are having massive issues with their online systems.

iPhone 4 Fails This isn't the first time Apple and AT&T have experienced difficulties in the ordering process on launch dates and/or pre-order dates. It has happened on all iPhone launches starting in 2007 and each consecutive year to follow. We can't say for sure right now if the fault is on AT&T or Apple, but I'm leaning more towards AT&T.

In Apple's online process, it has to contact AT&T to receive your account information, but that's a few steps in. On the AT&T side, it happens instantly once you click to upgrade your phone. And the Apple Stores are experiencing the same problems since they use the same system to order in-store.

I've made a collage of delightful error messages I received along the way. I've since gotten one or two more, but they aren't much different than these.

Apple has got to do something about this. Here at Magnetic SEO, we know all about the headaches that come with e-commerce implementation (of course not on the same grand scale as the hungry giants of Apple and AT&T). And I can imagine the frustration behind trying to handle what I can imagine are millions of pre-order requests within hours. From the launch of their updated website to display pre-order options to midway through the day, we are still experiencing the same problems.

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