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Monday, 18 April 2011 19:16

Not another marketing tip...
Written by Trey   
Tuesday, 15 February 2011 15:57

I hate marketing tips from marketing companies.

I hate them most of all because they are simply marketing techniques from marketing companies that aim to get you interested in their marketing services. Seems a little bit redundant to me.

The No. 1 tip I tell people is, "Hire us."

I hate them more when they start out like, "Make sure to be strong and control the conversation during the presentation..."

Don't bring psychology into sales. Anyone who needs to diagnose a prospect's frame of mind during a pitch has a crapy product.

I am not naive enough to believe that all products sell themselves. Delivery, relationships and a company's reputation are all important during the sales process, but if a prospect truly believes in the product, then all you need to do is not screw it up.

It's like we've made sales so much more complicated these days.

We are all too busy creating sales strategies and mission statements to create an innovative and effective product.

A couple years ago, I made the giant mistake of sitting through a New York Times-bestselling author and motivational speaker. Take into account that this talk was not cheap and that I am giving up a good part of my afternoon.

I left that conference feeling positive that I could take back what he said and build it into my business. Then I looked at my notes.

  • Focus on customer service
  • Don't sell your product, sell the entire company
  • Control client expectations and over deliver

What the hell. Was I really that ignorant that I needed someone to tell me that I needed a great product and great customer service to be successful?

Of course not. That got me thinking about how we spend our time every day running our business. Most people, when they first start out creating a company, spend months if not years thinking about their product and how they can deliver it.

Now that we are established, when do we spend that kind of time now? When do we clear an entire day and just sit and think about how we can improve or what can we create?

That's the secret to marketing success. Spend less time researching new marketing techniques and more time thinking of ways to improve your product or create a new one.

Be unique, creative and awesome. In today's business world, those three things are rare commodities.

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